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2019 sewing resolutions

In 2019, we change...

  • The irregular rhythm with which I post on this blog. Can I try to sew and publish one outfit a month?

  • The fabric haul: In 2019, I want to stop buying every fabric I find cute and pretty in fabric shops. Instead, I want to select beautiful and sustainable fabrics: Fabrics that will resist the test of time, and will be ready to follow me in all my adventures. And yes, in 2019, I finally take care of emptying my fabric stock, and sew things I've held for far too long!

  • My Etsy shop. Sadly, for complicated and boring admin reasons, my Etsy shop stayed in the US... But 2019 is the year where I bring it back in Europe!

In 2019, we don't change…

  • My style. I feel like I am more and more comfortable in who I am and what I wear. The balance between comfortable and retro is sometimes hard to find, but I am determined to make it happen!

  • The happiness my sewing machine gives me, when I spend a rainy afternoon with it, a good podcast, a hot tea, and a piece of chocolate (only one? I never said how big a piece!)

And the first 2019 make?

To start the year on a win, I've sewn one of my loved and trusted pattern: The Airelle blouse, from Deer and Doe.

It's the fifth one I sew, so needless to say that the pattern doesn't hold any secret for me anymore. But you know what? It's still as lovely to sew!

A woman is dark hair is standing in the street, with her arms spread out, smiling at the camera. She is wearing a red blouse with a black collar.

For this version, I chose an adorable red crepe fabric. I added a golden pipping and a black contrasting collar.

A very simple and comfortable top, incredibly versatile that I can wear with everything. Actually, not a week goes by without me wearing it at least once!

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