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About Sew Marinette

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I am Marinette, a self-taught and passionate seamstress. I mostly sew dresses and women's clothes, that are always colorful, vibrant and with a retro twist. I'm passionate about sewing patterns, fabric and vintage sewing.

Ever since I can remember, I was always on the lookout for new hobbies and activities to keep myself busy. Sew Marinette started as my way of documenting the things I learned along the way, but I want it to grow into a resourceful platform for like-minded enthusiasts, offering tips and tutorials.

My story

I started sewing in 2012, while living quite remotely in the Yorkshire countryside. After making loads of hand-sewn accessories, I inherited my grand-mother's sewing machine, and started sewing my first pieces of clothing. I have not really stopped since.


My sewing style? Retro and vintage looking clothing, swirling skirts, natural fabrics as often as possible, and colours, colours, colours!


My creations? I sew clothes and accessories, from underwear to wedding dresses!


My values? I really believe that less is better, and would rather sew less garments but of high-quality than lots of clothes that won't last long. I am concerned by our planet and the people who live on it, so I go for eco-friendly and recycled fabrics as often as I can.


My shop? You can find it on Etsy! I usually focus on zero-waste accessories, or items that can help you and all of us reduce our waste and be more sustainable.​


Thanks for stopping by.

Sewing accessories (threads, measuring tape, buttons) on a polka dot fabric
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