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My Zephyr dress, a Deer and Doe pattern

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

A new outfit on the blog - one that is brilliant for my swing dance evenings: The little Zephyr dress! This is now the fourth time I've sewn this cutie from Deer and Doe pattern, and it's always a joy!

A woman with brown hair is wearing a dark dress with a V-neck and a short flare skirt is dancing while smiling at  the camera

Zephyr, tested and approved!

Zephyr is a pattern I know well. After a first one in thick black jersey, another in flowey red jersey, another in a pink textured fabric, here is the tiny polka dot version!

With its fit-and-flare shape, its V-neck, its princess bodice, Zephyr does everything right in my book. And I love to wear it no matter the season and weather.

A woman with brown hair is wearing a dark dress with a V-neck and a short flare skirt is sideway and smiling at  the camera

The pattern, the process, and the sewing

If you're starting to sew jersey, it's likely you'll love this pattern. It's not a tricky one, and it doesn't have dozens of pieces, which makes it a fast sew.

If you're new to sewing, especially sewing jersey, I would recommend starting with the round neckline though. Indeed, the V-neck option is a bit more challenging than the round one. This being said, Deer and Doe's explanations are, as usual, impeccable and well thought. If you've never sewn any V-neck, their tutorial is great!

Detail of the V neck of a fit and flare dark dress

The fabric you'll choose will of course impact the level of this dress: A thick fabric (like mine here), will be trickier to sew, and your machine or overlocker will probably scream at you louder than usual. Also, if you wish to finish your dress with a twin needle, this requires a bit more technique, time and effort than other finishes (but as far as I am concerned, it's absolutely worth it!).

My version of the Zephyr dress

For this dress, I've used a very thick, navy blue jersey, with tiny spots / polka dots. Very thick... maybe even too thick! My sewing machine struggled a bit with the belt and the shoulder seams.

For once, I have not changed anything to this pattern. I usually lenghten the skirts on Deer and Doe patterns (first because I am quite tall, but also because I usually prefer wearing knee-lenght skirts). I didn't do it this time, and of course... I find it a bit too short! But well, it's a great one to go dancing!

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