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My Magnolia dress, a Deer and Doe pattern

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Let's continue with yet another Deer and Doe pattern that I sew years after everyone else! Today, I am thrilled to show you Magnolia, a long flowy dress, with an exciting neckline, a gorgeous shape, and a dramatic skirt.

A woman wearing a long dark dress with a slit and a burgundy cardigan is looking at the camera

Magnolia, an innovative pattern

This pattern is now a few years old, and many sewists have published countless gorgeous versions online. So when at my last birthday, my best friends from Toulouse got me a Deer and Doe voucher, I didn't hesitate for a second, and bought this gorgeous pattern. If you're being nosey, I also bought the Chataigne short, and the well-known Sirocco jumpsuit (see here what I did with it!).

For this first Magnolia, I've always known I wanted to sew the long dress option. One of my friends had bought a similar dress in a shop, and I fell in love with its flowy shape. I find the maxi skirt with a silt both smart and practical. The neckline is quite sexy, but the long sleeves very demure. And of course, as usual with Deer and Doe, I really loved some of the pattern's details such as the high waist and the shoulder cut.

A woman wearing a long sleeveless dark dress is turning her back to the camera and looking over her shoulder

The sewing process

This dress didn't present any kind of difficulty. It has very few pattern pieces, so it's quick to cut. And since it doesn't have a lining, it's also quick to sew!

I think it's important to spend a few minutes adjusting Magnolia's bust pieces, as a perfect fit can be a bit tricky to achieve. I was also a bit concerned to have too much fabric at the waist, as I saw other sewist complain about this, but as far as I am concerned, no adjustment were necessary.

My version of the Magnolia dress

I had found a lovely crepe fabric from Butinette.

Crepe is a fabric I really enjoy to sew: Very flowy, light, and silky, I find it super comfortable to wear, and its drape is gorgeous.

For this dress, I didn't make any change to the pattern. But at the last minute, I did decide not to add the sleeves. I should have decided this a bit earlier on, so the armholes would have been neater... Instead, I did have to do the tiniest hem on Earth. It was a bit tricky, but is discreet enough.

A woman wearing a long dark dress with a slit and a burgundy cardigan is looking at the camera

If I sew this dress again, I don't think I'll change much. I would apprecite a longer belt though, so I'll have to remember that and lenghten it a tad so I can tie it nicely.

In a nutshell? Loved it! I am not sure it's a shape I'll wear loads, so I'll have to wait for a special occasion and a good reason to sew its twin sister, but I hope it comes soon!


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